DAH DHM60L9 (360~390W)

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144 cells DHM-72X10-520-550W DAH Mono Half-Cell Solar Panel all with A Grade for on-grid &  off-grid use for residential and public rooftop & ground mounting PV Power System.

W.H.: 🇪🇺FCA Amsterdam🇳🇱
MOQ: 40'HC (x806 pcs)


120 cells DHM-60L9  half cell mono solar panel 360~390W all with A Grade for on-grid &  off-grid use for residential and public rooftop & ground mounting PV Power System.

Electrical Charateristics(STC)


Module Type DHM-60L9 DHM-60L9 DHM-60L9 DHM-60L9 DHM-60L9 DHM-60L9 DHM-60L9
Maximum Power (Pmax) 360W 365W 370W 375W 380W 385W 390W
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc) 40.6V 40.8V 41.0V 41.2V 41.4V 41.6V 41.8V
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 33.8V 34.0V 34.2V 34.4V 34.6V 34.8V 35.0V
Short-circuit Current (Isc) 11.24A 11.30A 11.36A 11.42A 11.48A 11.54A 11.60A
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 10.65A 10.74A 10.82A 10.90A 10.98A 11.06A 11.14A
Module Efficiency(%) 19.76% 20.04% 20.31% 20.59% 20.86% 21.13% 21.41%
Power Tolerance 0~+5W
Temperature Coefficient of  Isc 0.05%/
Temperature Coefficient of  Voc 0.31%/
Temperature Coefficient of  Pmax 0.35%/
Standard Test Environment Irradiance 1000W/m², Cell Temperature 25℃,Spectrum AM 1.5




First-class solar panel warranty Reliable quality

  • 12-year Material & technology warranty.
  • 25-year Linear power output warranty.
  • DAH Solar Linear power output gurarantee.
  • Standard Linear power output gurarantee.
  • Max Module Efficiency.

 Product Characteristics

  • Optimal Design Combination
  • 166mm+9BB+Half-cut, higher power output.
  • Super Performance & Stable Returns
  • Low current & low hot spot, to ensure module operation optimally.
  • Diversified Application Scenarios
  • Strong weather-resistance, suitable for various roof installation.
  • Lower LCOE
  • Lower BOS, less installation area.

DAH solar as professional solar panel manufacturer with 1.5GW capacity and complete solar system supplier since 2009.

New products 166cells 440-450w and 182cells 520-550w mono are on sale.
Beside, we set warehouse in Rotterdam EU on a long-term basis for selling mono solar panels for EU market getting goods anytime & fast delivery.



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